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Martin Engineering unveil new conveyor belt cleaner

Martin Engineering CleanScrape secondary cleaner

Latest CS2 unit design offers longer service life and reduced cost of ownership

MARTIN Engineering have introduced a new secondary conveyor belt cleaner which has been engineered specifically for challenging applications where traditional designs fail to deliver the necessary performance or wear life. 

The company’s CleanScrape secondary cleaner (CS2) is said to be particularly effective in conditions where continuous production is a high priority or cleaning is difficult, such as corrosive or high-temperature working environments.

According to Martin Engineering, the conveyor belt cleaner only needs to be re-tensioned once during its lifespan, and thanks to the unit’s low maintenance requirements and superior cleaning capabilities, it will help reduce the overall cost of ownership in a range of industries, including quarrying, cement, mining and other bulk materials handling operations.  

The CS2 solution is well suited to areas with restricted space; its stainless-steel design, which incorporates a matrix of specially engineered carbide tips, is lightly tensioned to prevent damage to the belt or splices. 

Despite a low contact pressure between the belt and cleaner, the conveyor belt cleaner has been shown to effectively remove potential carryback that has not been dislodged by a primary cleaner. The carbide cleaning surfaces deliver superior performance, while the unit’s light touch helps protect against belt wear.

Although the CS2 can be used with any primary cleaner, it has been developed especially to be paired with the company’s original CleanScrape primary cleaner (CS1). Martin Engineering say when used together, they form a rugged, low-maintenance system that effectively removes carryback, helping to prevent fugitive material and the associated clean-up. 

The system is also said to deliver superior cleaning and up to four times the service life of conventional designs, with half the maintenance.

‘Many carbide-tipped belt cleaners require high pressure against the belt in order to be effective, and they typically need to be re-tensioned often throughout their service life,’ said Paul Harrison, chief technology officer for Martin Engineering. 

‘Like the CS1, the CS2 design is effective with light tension against the belt, which helps avoid the damage to belts and slices that can occur with other carbide-tipped secondary cleaners. And because it only needs tensioning once during its lifespan, the maintenance requirements are very low.'

The new design will be introduced first in the US and Australia.

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