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Major efficiency improvements for PowerROC D45

PowerROC D45 drill rig

Upgraded drill rig developed for use in open-pit mines, limestone and aggregate quarries

A LONGER feed beam, a ROPS and FOPS-certified cabin and a more efficient power pack are just three of the key improvements to the upgraded PowerROC D45 surface drill rig that Epiroc are about to launch.

‘We have made several important updates which will give our customers more efficient and more convenient operation,’ said Wei Wen Xu, product business line manager at Epiroc.

The updated PowerROC D45 comes with a new Cummins engine which, together with a more efficient hydraulic system, will deliver positive fuel savings and reduce the total cost of ownership.

‘Another major benefit which will boost productivity is the longer feed beam,’ added Wei Wen Xu. ‘This is equipped with 4m rods which reduce coupling and uncoupling and provide high productivity in the daily operations.’

The new version of PowerROC D45 also comes with several updates in its FOPS and ROPS-certificated cabin, including a safety switch under the seat. The ergonomically designed cab provides the operator good working space, whilst with joystick controls deliver a comfortable all-round drilling operation.

‘The PowerROC D45 drill rig is known for its easy operation,’ commented Wei Wen Xu. ‘And with the improvements we have made within the cabin – the experience for the operator will be even better than before.’

By using direct control, the PowerROC D45 is said to be easy to operate and maintain. The use of fewer components aids troubleshooting and improves reliability and service, whilst the proven Epiroc technology, together with low initial investment, should result in a profitable drilling operation.

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