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Liebherr standardize on safety features

Liebherr have developed a number of safety features which are now supplied as standard equipment for mining and quarrying applications on their hydrostatic wheel loader range, from the L544, which carries a 3m3 bucket, up to the latest and largest addition to the range, the L580, which carries a 5m3 bucket.

The innovations include: side safety rails over the rear mudguards, which also have impact-resistant extensions; an external speaker/intercom system for direct communications with the driver from outside the vehicle; and a state-of-the-art rear-view camera and TFT LCD cab monitor for total visibility behind the loading shovel at all times. Liebherr also offer a specially designed spill guard on the top of all rehandling buckets between 3-5m3 and are fitting all their wheel loaders with convex side mirrors for increased rear-view visibility.

Liebherr wheel loaders have always been designed and constructed to provide the best possible panoramic view of the working area, but even with wide-angle reversing mirrors and large-area windows, the added advantages of the new technologies available in miniaturized cameras take safe site practices to even greater levels. Liebherr and Spillard Safety Systems Ltd have combined technologies to produce an integrated rear-view, wide-angle lens video camera that is built into the rear upper engine casing of all models in the L544 to L580 range. This Optronics OPT-RC-050 miniature camera is completely protected, with just the lens protruding through the casing of the machine. A rugged mounting system and hidden wiring further contri-bute to the protected installation of the unit. The camera provides a constant wide-angle rear view, displaying a full-colour, high-resolution picture on a 5in in-cab monitor which unplugs for quick and easy removal for optimum security at the end of the working day.

Liebherr now offer Optronics two-way communication as standard in their larger wheel loaders. This consists of speaker/microphones mounted either side of the machine, encased in heavy-duty steel protective casings. In the cab, the operator has a duplicate talk-and-listen box.

Further features have also been added to the larger wheel loaders, based on customers' specific requirements. From the L544 to the L580, all models are supplied with extra-wide-angle convex side mirrors, as well as the side safety rails and mudguard extensions, providing the safest possible access to the engine housing for maintenance engineers and for the operator's daily check routine. Finally, all rehandling buckets between 3m3 and 5m3 have a specially designed spill guard. 

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