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Lafarge Redland restore 'orphan' quarries

Lafarge Redland Aggregates have restored two former quarries on the Anglesey heritage coastline. The historic limestone quarries were last worked 20 years ago and, although Lafarge have never quarried on the island, they became responsible for the sites following a series of business acquisitions.

The restored land has recently been handed over to the owners Baron Hill Estate. The scheme was only made possible through collabora-tion between the landowners, their agents Carter Jonas, Lafarge Redland Aggregates and Anglesey County Council.

The team started by drawing up a comprehensive restoration plan to improve site safety, enhance the environment both visually and ecologically, and ensure that the restored sites offered new agricultural opportunities. Following detailed surveying, Lafarge began work in 1999, mainly on the Flagstaff and Dinmore sites which required the most attention.

As well as stabilizing the rock faces and using soils and overburden to improve the landscape, the company installed new fencing and signs, renovated old buildings for new uses, reinstated tracks and roads, and are making any remaining stockpiles of stone chippings available for future use on the estate. The total cost met by the company was œ500,000. At Dinmore, plans are under way to set up a commercial fish farm on the site and there is also the possibility of using the site for leisure activities.

Jonathan Orton of Carter Jonas said: 'The project has been a great success and it has been agreed by all parties involved that it has made a positive contribution to improving this part of the Welsh coastline, as well as providing opportunities for employment in a rural environment.'

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