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Keeping transport fleets legal

Following an eight-month trial of an RDS Loadmaster 8000, Imerys Minerals Ltd purchased a further 10 units for use on loading shovels in the company's stores and for loading bulk china clay into lorries and rail wagons.

Imerys Minerals move 2.5 million tons of china clay a year and the RDS Loadmaster 8000s help them to ensure that each vehicle and rail wagon is filled to the correct weight at point of loading, eliminating the 'little bit more to be sure' philosophy as well as under loading.

The Loadmaster 8000 is fitted to a variety of loading shovels from a range of manufacturers. Because the density of china clay differs considerably it is not possible to estimate accurately that a bucket, filled to a given proportion, is the correct weight. Therefore the need for an accurate 'on-the-move' weighing system was needed. The Loadmaster 8000 provides a time-dated print out as additional confirmation of the weight of each load. A serial port at the rear of the Loadmaster allows information which has been stored during operations to be downloaded to a PC.

The Loadmaster 8000 is mounted on an aluminium chassis in a non-reflective, heavy-duty, black ABS casing. It takes up little cab space and is rugged, knock-resistant and easy-to-clean. Providing automatic light-level adjustment of the dot matrix, alpha-numeric display screen, the Loadmaster has green backlit function buttons which are designed for safer and more positive operation. A double ball joint allows it to be adjusted to suit virtually any angle. Tare and bucket weights are displayed in either automatic or manual mode, together with customer name, material handled, the date and time.


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