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Joint venture launches new mobile Liwell screen

Liwell screen

Siebtechnik Tema and TRS introduce new flip-flow screen offering superior levels of performance

THROUGH a joint venture arrangement, Siebtechnik Tema BV and turnkey recycling project specialists TRS BV have brought to market a mobile Liwell screen available in two variants featuring either a single-deck (STR 1550-I) or a double-deck (STR-1550-II) Liwell flip-flow screen, the forced motion of which is said to provide the user with superior levels of performance.

The Liwell screen’s patented action develops more than 50g of acceleration under all feed conditions and, unlike floating secondary chassis types, is unaffected by deck loading, making it particularly effective on difficult screening applications such as the processing of incinerator bottom ash (IBA). The Liwell LF1.5-5.04/16ED screen at the heart of the STR1550-I/II is renowned for its abilities to screen down to 1mm with ease or even smaller if conditions allow.

Powered by a 5.13-litre Caterpillar Stage 5 diesel engine that develops around 105kW of power at 2,310 rev/min and delivers around 700Nm of torque, the hydraulically driven mobile Liwell screen weighs 37 tonnes and has overall dimensions of 19m x 3m x 3.1m in transport mode. It features an 8 cubic metre hopper, an 11.5m long x 1,200mm wide input belt, an 8m long x 1,400mm wide fines conveyor and a 7.3m long x 800mm wide oversize conveyor.

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