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JoinPoint place big Bell ADT order

JoinPoint B30E

Ten-year relationship leads to additional 18 Bell Equipment B30Es for Leicester-based plant hire firm

LEICESTER-based plant hire firm JoinPoint Ltd have purchased 18 new Bell Equipment B30Es in response to customer demands for new and reliable earthmoving equipment capable of delivering both performance and fuel efficiency.

The family-run company runs a comprehensive fleet of earthmoving equipment and has a reputation within the industry for supplying clients with the most up-to-date models.

Managing director David Brown explained: ‘Our customers are often involved in many of the country’s major infrastructure projects. Their expectations have to be met by a modern machine taskforce of new, highly capable vehicles with the ability to deliver results against impressive fuel consumption levels.

‘That’s the main reason we constantly keep our sizeable fleet stocked with recently manufactured top-end machines.’

Commenting on how the company’s relationship with Bell Equipment has developed since it began a decade ago, Mr Brown said: ‘To begin with we purchased B30Ds, which served us and our customer base extremely well.

‘Then, as our relationship with Bell continued to evolve, so did the manufacturer’s vehicle development, leading us to switch from the unswervingly reliable B30D, to the new and highly rated B30E.’

JoinPoint made the transition from the B30D to the B30E two years ago and since then have bought several machines. They say the resale value of the D- and E-series trucks has also allowed them to keep their fleet up to date with the latest technology.

The original 18-unit B30D order, and the subsequent E-series replacements, is JoinPoint’s largest Bell Equipment purchase to date and Mr Brown is confident that the new machines will serve his clients well.

‘The B30E ADT is one of Bell Equipment’s most high-performance models and offers the lowest operating cost in its class, whilst still maintaining high productivity,’ he said. ‘As well as a powerful diesel engine, it also features the [email protected] desktop management system to provide site managers with real-time operational data that can significantly improve vehicle and fuel efficiency.

‘The machines are also driver friendly, with an outstanding level of comfort that adds to their operative popularity.

‘It’s been a pleasure to work with Bell Equipment again on this latest investment. We’ve enhanced our fleet with brand new, high-performance machines which are all supported by a superb level of service from the Bell team,’ concluded Mr Brown.

Nick Learoyd, managing director of Bell Equipment UK, said: ‘Investing in our client relationships and making customer service count is extremely important to us. Our relationship with JoinPoint has developed alongside the technological advancement of our machines, both of which have evolved to deliver and achieve even more.’

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