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Investment in Quinn truck fleet continues

Mercedes-Benz tractor units

Twelve new Mercedes-Benz tractor units for Quinn Building Products in latest phase of fleet-replenishment programme

QUINN Building Products have taken delivery of a dozen new Mercedes-Benz tractor units as part of their fleet-replenishment programme.

The company’s new units include seven for Quinn Cement (six for bulk cement and one for bagged cement products), three for Quinn Therm, and two for Quinn Lite Pac.

The receipt of the new 44-tonne lorries marks the latest phase of an ongoing fleet-replenishment programme, which is taking place over a four-year period with a multi-million pound investment.

Quinn say that on completion of the replenishment programme, older vehicles and plant machinery will have been replaced with new models, ensuring the safety of the fleet and reducing its overall environmental impact.

Equipped with Euro 6 emissions level engines, the new tractor units received in the most recent phase of the replenishment are more environmentally friendly than those vehicles being replaced.

The supplier, MBNI Truck & Van, will also supply Quinn Building Products with a number of other vehicles as part of the replenishment programme, including ready-mixed concrete lorries, mountain tippers and an 8-wheel tipper for Quinn’s Tarmac and Quarries divisions.

This latest investment follows the opening of Quinn’s state of the art vehicle inspection centre in the latter half of 2017, which is dedicated to the maintenance and safety of the company’s fleet of more than 300 trucks and trailers.

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