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Innovative low-carbon cement launches in US

Solidia cement

LafargeHolcim and Solidia Technologies announce first commercialization of new reduced-CO2 cement

LafargeHolcim and US start-up firm Solidia Technologies have announced their first commercial venture to supply an innovative reduced-CO2 cement that is designed to reduce the environmental footprint of precast concrete.

Six years after the two companies launched a pilot programme to develop low-carbon precast concrete pavers at EP Henry’s Wrightstown paver and block plant in New Jersey, the first commercial offerings were launched earlier this year.

Based on Solidia cement produced at the Lafarge Whitehall plant, a proprietary concrete mix design and a specialized curing process utilizing CO2, the two companies have developed a concrete that is said to be stronger, more durable and higher performing than traditional versions.

Solidia Technologies’ new binder is made from raw materials similar to those in Portland cement and produced in a traditional rotary kiln, but at lower temperatures and through a different chemical reaction that generates less CO2.

Used in the manufacture of precast concrete, the cement hardens through the addition and absorption of CO2 (carbonation) in a patented curing process that is said to reduce the product’s overall carbon footprint by up to 70%.

Moreover, precast concrete made using Solidia cement reaches strength in less than 24h, compared with 28 days for precast concrete made using Portland cement.

‘LafargeHolcim have long been committed to bringing innovative solutions to market and this commercial agreement with EP Henry is an important step in showing that reducing our CO2 footprint through carbon-captured products is feasible,’ said Jamie Gentoso, chief executive officer of US Cement at LafargeHolcim.

‘It has been incredibly rewarding to see how, together, we have collaborated to move this technology from the experimental phase and into the US market as a viable product.’

Solidia’s president and chief executive officer, Tom Schuler, added: ‘By offering their technical expertise and market intelligence, LafargeHolcim helped us eliminate barriers to adoption, leading us to this first commercial traction in the US.’

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