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Improving safety around workplace vehicles

PREVENTING deaths and injuries from industrial vehicles is the aim of a new research report from the Health & Safety Executive. The study investigates possible approaches and technologies to improve the safety of pedestrians around mobile plant in workplaces where confined space or restricted lighting limit the effectiveness of existing early-warning personnel detection systems or driver vision aids.

The report reviews the problems and incidents which have arisen across three industry sectors —surface mining, underground mining and factory materials handling — and looks in detail at vehicle ergonomics and visual task analysis, aids to improve reversing and sight lines, direct body detection techniques, and conventional transponder (RFID) and VLF magnetic dipole detection technologies.

The report details the development of a proof-of-concept personnel detection scheme where pedestrians are equipped with a personal transmitter in high-risk areas. Alternative worker protection systems from the US and Canada are also identified and contrasted with the research system.

Copies of the report, entitled ‘Improving the safety of workers in the vicinity of mobile plant’, price £30.00, are available from:


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