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Hope extend range of performance concretes

Hope extend concrete range

Company extends quality-assured ready-mixed concrete range with six brand new high-performance mixes

HOPE Construction Materials have extended their range of high-performance mixes to complement their existing array of quality-assured ready-mixed concretes.

The performance mixes – including HOPEFast, HOPEFoam, HOPETough, HOPEEco, HOPESeal and HOPEFibre – have been designed by Hope’s technical team to meet specific construction needs, from high early strength and extra durability to waterproof and lower carbon mixes.

The formal introduction of this range follows last year’s successful launch of HOPEFlow free-flowing, self-compacting concretes, which are proven to increase efficiency and were recently confirmed as meeting NHBC (National House Building Council) standards for strength, durability and structural design.

HOPEFast is designed to achieve rapid strength. With increased durability and faster curing time, it is suitable for applications that require high early strength such as structural repairs or ground areas.

HOPEFoam is a foamed concrete designed for void-fill and trench reinstatement. It is thermally insulating, lightweight, free-flowing and self-levelling, so no compaction is required. As such, it is well suited to pipe, void and tank infills and swimming pool surrounds. HOPEFoam has also been specifically developed to comply with UK HAUC (Highways Authorities & Utilities Committee) recommendations for use in trench reinstatement.

HOPETough is a suite of microsilica concretes that has high surface strength, greater resistance to impact and low permeability and dust properties. HOPETough is easier to pump than conventional concrete and is well suited to infrastructure and in-situ construction, such as beams, columns and walls.

HOPEEco is a range of more sustainable concretes designed to have a reduced environmental impact. These lower-carbon, recycled concretes offer the same performance levels as conventional mixes.

HOPESeal is a suite of waterproof mixes designed specifically for structures that require efficient waterproofing. HOPESeal removes the need for external membranes and has increased durability, making the product suitable for basements, swimming pools and underground parking.

HOPEFibre is a range of concretes which contain fibres for extra reinforcement and improved resistance making them particularly suitable for slabs, overlays, metal decks and pavements. HOPEFibre has a lower risk of cracking and is quicker and easier to place than conventional steel mesh systems.

Hope Construction Materials’ technical director, Mike Bull, said: ‘After an intensive development programme and live trials with construction partners, we’re delighted to formally introduce these high-performance, specifically-designed concrete ranges, each of which has a role to play in better construction.

‘We are continuing to invest in product development to expand our range of concretes even further, resulting in some unique solutions for our customers. Our product development strategy is customer-centric so that we can help to make all projects as efficient and cost-effective as they can be.’

All Hope concretes meet the BS8500 standard and are available virtually nationwide.

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