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Honeywell form new Industrial Safety business unit

Sean Clay

Company integrating hardware, software and services to create Connected Safety Solutions

HONEYWELL have announced the formation of Honeywell Industrial Safety, part of Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions and comprised of Honeywell’s safety products businesses: Honeywell Safety Products, Honeywell Analytics, Honeywell Specialty Safety and City Technology.

The new business unit has been brought together to offer organizations the connected safety solutions and real-time intelligence they need to respond to safety threats, manage risk to their business and improve productivity.

‘Many organisations and their workers worldwide already depend on Honeywell products to help keep them and their business safe from risk. However, as operations become increasingly complex, hazardous and geographically dispersed, they are also looking for real-time visibility of what is happening across their sites,’ said Sean Clay (pictured), vice-president and general manager of Honeywell Industrial Safety EMEA.

‘By bringing the expertise of Honeywell’s safety products businesses together, Honeywell Industrial Safety can support these needs with a connected approach to safety.’

The company is already exploring new ways of integrating sensors, personal protective equipment (PPE), software applications and databases to create an accurate, real-time picture of plant-wide safety which, it says, will empower people to respond quickly and confidently to workplace threats, as well as offer business gains in productivity, efficiency and profitability.

Mr Clay, who has more than 20 years experience in leadership positions within the safety industry, believes that the future of safety lies in ‘connected safety solutions’, integrating hardware, software and services to create a safety eco-system that delivers enhanced safety and productivity for the customer.

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