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HCEE appoint new managing director

Jongho Chun

Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe welcome Jongho Chun as their new managing director

HYUNDAI Construction Equipment Europe (HCEE) have announced the appointment of Jongho Chun as their new managing director.

Previously head of marketing at Hyundai Construction Equipment’s headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, Mr Chun brings with him broad experience in finance, sales strategy and marketing, having spent 19 years with the company.

His new role is to prepare HCEE for the future, which has started with the splitting of the business into two divisions – Construction Equipment and Material Handling. The separation will allow each division to focus on its different customer types, business models and product needs in a more independent way.

This, say HCEE, represents another step in the company’s ongoing ambition to position itself globally among the top five players by 2023.

Both business units will continue to be located in Tessenderlo, Belgium, and the legal company name – Hyundai Construction Equipment Europe – will remain unchanged.

The split does, however, come with a new organization structure, with Alain Worp, former managing director of HCEE, leading the Construction Equipment division, and Peter Verbiest, who recently joined HCEE, leading the Material Handling division.

Mr Chun, who will focus on growing the European market share to reach the long-term vision of the company, said: ‘In 2019, we want to continue to excel in what we do. This year we will continue focusing on growing our market share in a profitable way.

‘We are continuously expanding and improving our European dealer network, investing in our product line-up, R&D and the employees in our organization, earning our spot with the key accounts, and continuously investigating partnerships and acquisitions. We will embrace the future together.’

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