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Goodyear introduce 49-inch RM-4A+

OTR tyre measuring more than 2.5m in height and weighing more than 1.4 tonnes now available in UK

THE Goodyear RM-4A+ 49in (rim diameter) OTR tyre is now being sold in the UK and will be fitted to the country’s largest mining and earthmoving equipment.

The technologies the tyre contains are related to its materials, construction and design. The 49in tyre has a steel casing and belting construction, and is precision-made using state-of-the-art, fully integrated tyre manufacturing equipment.

Computer simulation tools were used to assist in the tyre’s design, and Goodyear are working closely with OEMs to help ensure tyre size compliance on their vehicles.

The 49in tyre has been designed for optimal performance with features including Goodyear’s cool-running CycleMax tread rubber compound; interlocking centre-line grooves for enhanced stability and additional heat relief. High-angle/non-directional grooves help promote traction and a sidewall scallop helps reduce heat build-up.

Graham Hutchison, commercial sales manager for Goodyear, said: ‘We are delighted to welcome the very latest in Goodyear OTR innovation to the UK. This product is precision made using state-of-the-art integrated tyre manufacturing.

‘Designed using advanced computer simulation tools, this product combines years of Goodyear experience, customer feedback, ‘Big Science’, world-class technical capabilities and partnerships with original equipment manufacturers to ensure size and performance compliance.

All of these different ingredients make the RM-4A+ a must have for mining operations that want to achieve optimal productivity while minimizing expensive downtime.’

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