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Get hitched

Masterhitch Europe Ltd have launched their new Millennium hitch, the latest generation of their excavator-mounted quick hitch.

The Millennium Master-hitch is interchangeable with other Masterhitch products and incorporates a number of improved design features to increase longevity and improve safety and ease of operation. Available in both manual and electro-hydraulic versions, the Millennium hitch has been introduced across the entire range of hitches which are suitable for machines ranging from 3 tonnes to 30 tonnes.

The Millennium Master-hitches are made to fit all common makes of excavator and are supplied to manufacturers and machine dealers, as well as directly from Masterhitch Europe to larger-volume users.

New design features include: a centralised lifting point; a sealed unit to prevent the ingress of dust, dirt and silt; improved hardness of contact points to minimise wear; a double safety locking mechanism, giving two separate methods of ensuring bucket retention; a built-in stowage point for the manual locking bar when not in use; additional greasing points to ensure full lubrication of moving parts; 50% greater bearing area for locking pins; and increased strength and protection of the operating mechanism on the manual hitch, minimising any potential damage in extreme operating conditions.


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