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German mobile washing plant success for CDE

CDE EvoWash

Kies- und Quetschwerk Oberbrunn double sand production thanks to CDE wet processing plant

AGGREGATE producers Kies- und Quetschwerk Oberbrunn GmbH are reaping the benefits of their new CDE EvoWash wet processing plant after doubling their concrete sand production. 

Prior to switching to the CDE solution, the Munich-based company was using a bucket wheel and fines recovery cyclone. However, the firm was dealing with issues that prevented it from maximizing its operations. 

These included the need for continuous maintenance for the many moving parts of the existing installation, as well as the limited capacity that restricted production to 35 tonnes/h. 

Already interested in the modular concept offered by CDE, Manfred Kirschler, managing director of Kies- und Quetschwerk Oberbrunn, started a discussion with the CDE team based in Germany. He recalled: ‘When we initially met with CDE, we were ready for a radical upgrade of our operations. We needed a wet processing plant that could easily adapt to the existing plant and one that would be efficient, reliable and economical.

‘Crucially, we were not delivering the maximum performance of the entire processing plant. I wanted a plant that was able to process a lot more sand than the current 40,000 tonnes per year.’

Kies- und Quetschwerk Oberbrunn’s main objective was to double their concrete sand production and have the products delivered to a concrete batching plant located next to the sand washing plant.  

Mr Kirschler continued: ‘Delivering a consistent production of up to 80,000 tonnes per year, the CDE EvoWash wet processing plant was an ideal solution. Compact, economical and powerful, the plant is producing 60 tonnes per hour of sand – equivalent to 68,000 tonnes per year – and can process up to 80,000 tonnes per annum if the company’s production requirements increased.’

Christoph Aubel, business development executive for CDE in Germany, commented: ‘From the first conversation with Mr Kirschler and the visit to the site, it was obvious that a lot could be done to improve the site’s operations as well as its levels of production. To meet the requirement for a plant that would adapt to the constraints of the site’s geography, a modular concept and tailor-made design of the CDE equipment meant that an ideal solution for the client could be found without having to make compromises.

‘Hard wearing and conceived for ease of maintenance, with the EvoWash plant there are no moving parts to deal with any more. The new washing system at Kies processes 200 tonnes of limestone raw feed per hour with 35% 0–4mm sand. Concrete fractions of 4–8mm, 8–16mm, 16–32mm and 32/X are processed with the rest of the plant.’

Mr Kirschler has clearly been impressed by the CDE EvoWash technology. He concluded: ‘We are delighted with our new CDE modular sand washing system. It is economical and provides consistent high-quality sand in any quantities. Sand quality stays extremely high and consistent throughout the process, with a product ready to be processed by the concrete batching plant straight from the belt.’

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