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German Innovation Award for HeidelbergCement


New award recognizes company’s groundbreaking ReConcrete-360° concept

IN recognition of their innovative ReConcrete-360° concept, HeidelbergCement have won the German Innovation Award for Climate and Environment (IKU) in the ‘Process Innovations for Climate Protection’ category.

With ReConcrete-360°, demolished concrete is crushed using novel processes and selectively separated into components. In addition to sand and gravel, hardened cement paste is processed in this way which can then be reused as a valuable, low-carbon raw material in clinker and cement production, where it can replace natural limestone – keeping in line with the principles of the circular economy.

Dr Nicola Kimm, member of the managing board and chief sustainability officer of HeidelbergCement, said: ‘The IKU award shows that our research is making an important contribution to sustainable construction and thus to climate protection. Our ReConcrete-360° concept proves that concrete has the potential to be the most sustainable building product over its entire life cycle from production to recycling.’

Dr Wolfgang Dienemann, director of global research and development at HeidelbergCement, added: ‘With ReConcrete-360°, we have succeeded in developing a limestone substitute from demolished concrete that also allows us to use the carbon-containing exhaust gases from cement production. A small revolution with a big impact. In Germany alone, the CO2 savings potential through this process is ten million tonnes per year. The IKU award underlines that we can be proud of our pioneering innovation.’

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