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French quarry operator opts for Hitachi machinery

Hitachi ZW250-5 wheel loader

Carrière de Cusy take delivery of a ZW250-5 wheel loader and ZX290LC-5 excavator

GIVEN the picturesque surroundings of Carrière de Cusy Quarry, situated in France’s Parc Naturel Régional du Massif des Bauges, it is evident why the quarry operator’s commitment to restoration is a priority.

While the company produces 110,000 tonnes of limestone per year, it must also protect local wildlife (including a rare frog species) and closely observe environmental regulations on noise limits, dust and machine emissions.

Owned by brothers Yves-Pierre and Denis Mathieux, the quarry opened in 1981 and currently employs three operators and a secretary. ‘It takes us one to two years to extract the limestone from each section of the quarry,’ explained Yves-Pierre Mathieux. ‘Then in the following year, we restore the land, planting trees and vegetation in a continuous process.’

Approximately 80% of Carrière de Cusy’s customers are public works contractors. ‘They also contribute to the restoration process by bringing soil materials from earthmoving operations to dump at the site,’ added Yves-Pierre Mathieux. ‘Their empty trucks are then filled with aggregates. Half of these materials are used for road construction, the other half for general construction projects.’

Essential to the restoration activities at Carrière de Cusy Quarry are two new recently acquired Hitachi machines – a ZW250-5 wheel loader and ZX290LC-5 excavator, both of which were supplied by local dealers Teramat.

‘Many of our customers use Hitachi excavators, so we knew we could rely on the Hitachi brand,’ said Yves-Pierre Mathieux. ‘The product specs of each machine matched our requirements in terms of the power to lift heavy rocks, fuel consumption and emissions.’

Denis Mathieux operates the ZX290LC-5 excavator and has been impressed with the stability and power of the machine, especially on rugged and uneven terrain. ‘The lifting capacity is excellent; it is still powerful even when handling heavy rocks while working hard on site,’ he commented. ‘The TRIAS hydraulic system helps make the machine operate smoothly and highly productive.’

Smooth operation is also one of the benefits of the Hitachi ZW250-5 wheel loader, which is used for loading trucks (varying from 3.5 to 44 tonne) on site.

Both the Hitachi excavator and wheel loader are well suited to the working environment at Carrière de Cusy. Their fuel consumption can be monitored on a daily basis from the comfort of the cab. They also offer excellent visibility of the site – especially with rear-view cameras – and their reputation for reliability and durability provide the Mathieux brothers with peace of mind.

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