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Finnish firm scaling new heights with Hyundai HX520L

Hyundai HX520L high-reach excavator

New high-reach excavator completes first demolition project for Maanrakennus Mykrä Oy

FINNISH contractors Maanrakennus Mykrä Oy have added a new HX520L excavator to their growing fleet of Hyundai’s, purchased from the country’s dealers Suomen Telakone Oy. The 52-tonne excavator – which has been bespoke fitted with a 28m reach boom for Maanrakennus Mykrä Oy – has been specifically designed to tackle the most demanding demolition and decommissioning projects.

After taking delivery of the Hyundai HX520L excavator, Maanrakennus Mykrä Oy put the new machine straight to work on a project to demolish the main building of Ulvila’s Kullaa College of Forestry, in Finland. The demolition contract was completed without any complications and the old education building has been successfully dismantled, paving the way for a brand new college facility to be constructed. 

The company has been, and continues to be, loyal to the Hyundai brand and a comprehensive cross-section of Hyundai’s were on the site in Ulvila assisting with the demolition project. Juha Mykrä, CEO of sales for Maanrakennus Mykrä Oy, said: ‘Twenty-five years after purchasing our first demolition machine, we have bought our first excavator with a high-reach demolition boom which brings many welcome changes to the way we work.

‘Previously, we used an ordinary long-boom machine for high-work demolition, and we extended the machine’s reach by ‘piling up slopes’. This procedure is now a thing of the past, thanks to the new Hyundai HX520L and its high-reaching demolition equipment.’
The Hyundai HX520L’s high-reach boom has been supplied by Ipswich-based Kocurek Excavators Ltd, a specialist in the supply of bespoke excavator equipment and machine modifications in the demolition and materials-handling sectors.

The machine also features a Kocurek-modified tilting cabin which has been deemed ‘demolition site safe’, complete with automatic air conditioning and a heated air seat for the comfort of the operator.

For increased safety, the HX520L excavator has been fitted with the South Korean manufacturer’s exclusive ‘All-Around View Monitoring’ (AAVM) camera system – a feature that provides a 360-degree virtual view for the operator. The machine is powered by a Stage IV emissions-compliant 12.7-litre Scania DC13 084A engine.

Due to the nature of Maanrakennus Mykrä Oy’s work, the HX520L has been specified with an onboard dust suppression system and a Daemo DMR800 sorting grapple, two key features which the company views as necessary in a demolition environment.

‘The new machine has already proved its worth on its first job,’ said Mr Mykrä. ‘The Hyundai is able to carry out effective and safe demolition – for example – the HX520L does not need to be operated as close to, or almost under a demolition project, as was the case before we purchased this high-reach excavator. Purchasing the new excavator, specifying the extra safety features from Hyundai and the high-reach boom from Kocurek have improved our business capabilities and work capacity.’

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