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Eurovia Surfacing apprenticeship success

Eurovia Surfacing

New Road Surfacing apprenticeship ensures professional and sustainable workforce for the future 

EUROVIA Surfacing’s Level 2 Road Surfacing apprenticeship has attracted 13 new apprentices in the last year, and as the company marks the start of this year’s ‘National Apprenticeship Week’, it says it is proud to be helping to provide an opportunity for quality education and training for the future generation in the construction industry.

The Road Surfacing apprenticeship programme is spread over 18 months and involves practical on-site training with Eurovia Surfacing teams, combined with classroom training at Telford College. Having developed the programme with specialist surfacing equipment suppliers Wirtgen, it covers a range of topics from health and safety regulations to the use of power tools and equipment.

One of the new surfacing apprentices commented: ‘I have always wanted to be part of the construction industry and was so happy I could pursue my studies through Eurovia Surfacing. The apprenticeship allows me to gain the knowledge, understanding and skills that I require to pursue my ambition of one day becoming a surfacing supervisor.’

Andrew Tomlins, Eurovia Surfacing’s divisional manager, said: ‘Working with Telford College to develop this new apprenticeship has been a wonderful opportunity. We have created a programme for young people to learn and develop in a fantastic sector. This pandemic has shown how vital it is to keep the country’s highways safe and well maintained. Our apprenticeship means we are growing a talented workforce and skills for now and the future benefit of our whole country.’

Phil Skegg, managing director of Eurovia Surfacing, added: ‘The need to train and develop apprentices has never been so important in our industry. This new Road Surfacing Apprenticeship is essential to ensure a professional and sustainable workforce for the future of our contracting business. The apprenticeship scheme is not only beneficial to the students, but also to Eurovia Surfacing and the industry as a whole.

‘Apprenticeships ensure that we provide a knowledgeable and competent workforce for the future, allow the growth of an individual on a personal level, and provide a professional platform which gives them the opportunity to progress and develop as a key worker in the industry. The opportunities are endless and we are proud to be part of their adventure, supporting and providing all the necessary tools to ensure their well-being and success.’

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