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ESP system provides increased levels of safety

Spillard Safety Systems have launched their Optronics ESP system, which, they say, has been designed to add another dimension of safety to their Preview radar and Optronics rear-view camera systems.

ESP integrates the two systems and, once installed, alerts the operator to any objects within the range of the Preview sensor by displaying an increasing number of white chevrons covering all four diagonals on the Optronics cab-mounted monitor.

The closer the object is to the machine, the more chevrons are displayed until all four diagonals meet at the centre of the screen. At the same time, an audible warning becomes increasingly louder as the level of danger becomes greater to ensure the driver is made fully aware of the situation and can take the necessary steps to prevent a collision.

Spillard believe that this new integration between the Preview and Optronics systems will be of benefit to both quarries and construction sites by providing an additional level of hazard warning and, therefore, additional levels of site safety.


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