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Epiroc present the PowerROC D60

PowerROC D60 drill rig

Strongest down-the-hole drill rig in the PowerROC family offers high performance and availability

OFFERING high pressure and high penetration rates, the newly released PowerROC D60 hydraulic down-the-hole drill rig from Epiroc is designed to drill the largest holes in the PowerROC family.

‘The PowerROC D60 has been working in the field for some time and has already delivered great results. This rig will definitely bring a lot of value to our customers,’ said Wei Wen Xu, business line manager at Epiroc.

Epiroc say the PowerROC D60 gives customers a high level of productivity when drilling large holes ranging from 110mm to 178mm in diameter. The rig’s 5+1 rod-handling system makes it possible to drill holes down to a depth of 30m, whilst well-proven Epiroc technology ensures the quality and straightness of the holes.

Moreover, features such as the pilot hydraulic system and a straightforward electronic system make the PowerROC D60 easy to operate and easy to service, whilst the powerful rotary unit means the rig can operate reliably in all types of rock conditions. In addition, a highly effective dust-collection system ensures that the work environment is kept clean and safe, to protect both the machine and personnel.

‘The PowerROC D60 rig performance will show that this is a very strong, competitive product for mining and quarrying. I’m convinced that this this rig will meet our customers high expectations – which is already confirmed with recent success in Russia,’ said Wei Wen Xu.

The Tier 3 version of PowerROC D60 is available now, and the Tier 4 Final version will be available in North America, Japan and Korea from July 2019.

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