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EPC-UK win CIA environmental award

EPC-UK at CIA Awards

Company recognized at UK Chemical Industries Association annual awards 

EPC-UK have been awarded the coveted Environmental Leadership Award, through their Additives division, at the prestigious UK Chemicals Industries Association (CIA) annual award ceremony, which was held in Leeds.

EPC Additives has been recognized by the CIA – an organization that represents chemical and pharmaceutical businesses throughout the UK – for its significant work in implementing the recovery and sale of spent sulphuric acid from a 2-ethyl hexyl nitrate production process. 

The division is one of the largest European producers of 2-ethyl hexyl nitrate – a chemical used to reduce emissions and enhance diesel engine performance. And EPC-UK have received the prominent CIA industry award for the innovative way in which they recovered more than 20,000 tonnes of waste sulphuric acid per year (material that arises from the 2-ethyl hexyl nitrate production process) which, in turn, significantly reduces the company’s environmental footprint.

EPC-UK were also praised for the continuous development and enhancement of their Bramble Island operation – a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest. The company has owned the surrounding estate for more than 100 years and rather than leave this ‘buffer-land’ redundant; it effectively farms the area to produce crops and raise livestock. 

Wildlife conservation and landscape protection are also key priorities, with the company continually devising projects to improve conditions for birds and insects, increasing their chances of survival and swelling population growth. In addition, continual environmental improvement schemes have led to over 500 trees being planted by EPC-UK employees.

Nick Daniels, head of site operations for EPC-UK, said: ‘It is a great honour to be recognized by the industry and our peers for the work EPC Additives is currently undertaking in the chemical processing field. However, it is also fantastic to be commended for our commitment to the environment and our dedication to ensuring our sites can be enjoyed now and far into the future.’

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