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EPC-UK launch ‘Commit to be fit’

Commit to be fit

Company introduces innovative programme designed to support employees’ personal well-being

IN 2015/16, some 30.4 million working days were lost in the UK due to self-reported work-related illness or injury, with each person taking an average of 16 days off work. Stress, depression or anxiety together with musculoskeletal disorders accounted for the majority of days lost due to work-related ill health – 11.7 million days and 8.8 million days respectively. 

To help reduce these figures, many businesses are working to promote the importance of health and well-being in the work place. Among those leading the charge are commercial explosives and blasting services specialists EPC-UK, who have just announced the launch of an innovative programme specifically designed to support their employees’ personal well-being.

‘Commit to be fit’, which aims to raise awareness around health and well-being at work, is available to all of the company’s employees and encourages staff to take an active interest in their health, whilst providing support and guidance on a range of topics from nutrition and exercise to mindfulness and mental health.

Managing director Ben Williams explained: ‘We are committed to promoting well-being among all of our employees and believe our new ‘Commit to be fit’ initiative, which we have based around the three key elements of commitment, achievement and excellence, will encourage our teams to lead healthier lives by inspiring them to adopt a more balanced lifestyle, whilst supporting them in making more informed choices about their well-being.’

As part of the programme, employees will be issued with a Garmin fitness activity tracker and given access to a Wellness Programme Portal, which aims to keep staff engaged and motivated as they work towards a healthy, well-adjusted lifestyle. 

EPC-UK say ‘Commit to be fit’ is a demonstration of their commitment to The Workplace Wellbeing Charter, a nationally recognized statement of intent showing employers’ responsibility for the health and well-being of their staff. With the ability to audit and benchmark against an established and independent set of standards, the Charter focuses on three key areas – leadership, culture and communication.

EPC-UK have created their three key elements to help them achieve this, namely: commitment, to the health, safety and well-being of their staff; achievement, whereby they are actively encouraging their employees to lead a healthier lifestyle; and excellence, by providing easily accessible information, intervention programmes and a support mechanism to all their staff, helping them to stay safe and happy.

‘The launch of our well-being initiative has been really well received and it’s fantastic to see so many of our employees already registering their interest in being a part of our ‘Commit to be fit’ programme,’ continued Mr Williams. ‘One of the most important points of the launch is that each employee now has access to information, advice and support on all aspects of their well-being, which will hopefully help them lead more balanced and happier lives.’

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