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EPC-UK acquire Gillrange

Acquisition of Gillrange AN Ltd strengthens EPC-UK’s blasting capabilities in Wales

EPC-UK, one of the UK’s leading experts in commercial explosives and blasting services, have procured the drilling and blasting business of Gillrange AN Ltd.

The acquisition will see EPC-UK take on certain assets and contracts, mainly in Mid and South Wales, complementing their existing ‘rock on the ground’ service to quarries in the region.

EPC-UK were already supplying many of Gillrange AN Ltd’s quarries with explosives and, therefore, have a clear understanding of their new customer base.

By taking on full management of these contracts, EPC-UK say they are confident that their new customers will benefit from an enhanced service and better forward planning.

‘It will definitely help both our customers and ourselves from an operational viewpoint, because by having a clearer overall picture of their requirements means we can be more efficient in anticipating and reacting to their requirements,’ explained Ian Knott, head of blasting and explosive services at EPC-UK.

As part of the arrangement, shotfirers Colin Turton and Paul Turner, and drillers Dean Smith and Kelvin Perry have joined EPC-UK, further adding to the company’s expertise.

EPC-UK say this acquisition will give their drilling and blasting professionals more ‘strength in depth’ and will help the firm retain its status as a major supplier of services and consultancy in the UK.

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