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Enhanced safety interlocks

The high level of safeguarding provided by Guardmaster's Trojan 6, Trojan GD2, MT-GD2 and TLS-GD2 safety interlock switches has been enhanced with the introduction of a new sliding-bolt actuator which can be positively 'locked off' with up to three padlocks to allow safe access to machinery.

The actuator will be particularly useful in applications where, for example, a safety switch is used as the main interlock on the gate of an enclosure housing equipment which itself is unshielded. Without the facility for locking-out the actuator, the gate could be closed in error, presenting a danger to those working within. However, by padlocking the sliding-bolt actuator the interlock switch cannot be engaged and mechanical start-up is prevented, even if the gate is closed inadvertently.

The design of the actuator ensures maximum safeguarding by providing the facility for up to three padlocks. This means that up to three operatives could be working in the same sensitive area at any one time. Each would have his own unique key to one of the padlocks and each would signify completion of his work in the area by removing his padlock. Only when all the padlocks were removed would the sliding-bolt actuator be freed, allowing normal working to resume.

Designed with robust applications in mind, the actuator comprises a solid aluminium extrusion with a durable satin anodized finish. The integrated design includes a removable handle that accommodates an anchor point for rope attachment. It also offers the flexibility of four fixing positions to suit actuator entry for all the safety interlock switches listed earlier. 

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