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Choosing the correct safety mirror

Safety mirrors

Reece Enterprise offer advice on selection of safety and security mirrors for the work environment

SAFETY and security mirrors are beneficial for identifying and avoiding workplace accidents, particularly within the quarrying industry where, since 2000, more than 3,500 workers have suffered an injury reportable to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), with 31 of those being fatal.

Safety mirrors can help in reducing transport-related accidents, which are a significant cause of fatal and major injuries in quarries and plants. They can eliminate blind spots and aid visibility around corners for pedestrians and machine operators alike.

Various types of safety and security mirrors are suitable for use on machinery, vehicles, and around external environments, as outlined below.

Stainless steel is by far the superior material for mirrors as it cannot be broken or corroded and the image quality does not deteriorate through material aging. The only negative is that stainless steel mirrors can be dented, but they resist normal forces easily.

Acrylic mirrors offer a clear reflection and are shatter-resistant and lightweight. An acrylic convex mirror can withstand strong impacts but is not shatter-proof. Acrylic mirrors are often used both externally and internally.

Glass mirrors also offer a clear reflection and are scratch-resistant, but can be very fragile if subject to knocks. They are ideal for indoor use internal where they are less likely to be broken or effected by weather.

Convex mirrors offer an angled view for areas that need monitoring, such as dangerous corners. They can be used on machinery such as mechanical diggers, as well as other vehicles operating around the site.

Convex safety mirrors from Reece Enterprise are well suited to external use due to their stainless-steel construction, which is perfect for harsher environments such as quarries.

For access routes, car parks etc, these mirrors can be wall or pole mounted and positioned at bespoke angles to aid visibility of the surrounding area. Convex mirrors are also ideal for security surveillance, as they enhance visibility of a fixed point.

Dome mirrors offer similar safety and security benefits and come in quarter-dome, half-dome and full-hemisphere options. Externally, they are often mounted next to tight corners on roads to allow drivers to check for oncoming traffic.

Half-dome safety mirrors offer a 180° view, whilst full-dome mirrors have a 360° angle of view, providing maximum visibility in many different corner configurations and helping with dangerous corners or surveillance views for wide areas where extra security may be required.

Traffic safety mirrors are generally essential at the entry and exit to a premises and especially areas where vehicles such as large trucks are constantly entering and leaving the site. Featuring red and white hazard markings around the border of the mirror, they are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions without compromising on reflective properties.

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