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Chepstow Plant expand fleet with Bell B30E ADTs

Bell B30E dumptruck

Plant hire firm purchases eight new E-series articulated dumptrucks as part of major fleet upgrade

CHEPSTOW Plant International have acquired a new fleet of Bell articulated dumptrucks as part of a major upgrade to their fleet for plant hire and contracts. Chepstow have a longstanding relationship with Bell Equipment and the latest investment follows a significant order of 11 ADTs in 2013.

The new E-series machines are said to represent the next generation of ADTs for Bell. John Corcoran, managing director of Chepstow, commented: ‘We have been using Bell D-series trucks for more than 10 years and they have always delivered in terms of performance, reliability and fuel-efficiency, backed by exceptional customer service and support. After seeing what Bell have delivered with their new E-series, we are confident that we now have a solution that will maintain and even exceed the current high standards.’

With more than 25 Bell ADTs across their fleet, Chepstow Plant International operate various machines ranging in size from 25 to 50 tonne capacity.  For the current fleet expansion, the company has opted to focus on the 30-tonne B30E machine, which it deems to offer the most versatile solution for the wide range of projects in the Chepstow portfolio.

Eight B30E machines have, therefore, been ordered, primarily for use in long-term contracts where cost efficiency and reliability are essential. Applications will include: sand and gravel; clay mill; and open cast projects.

The B30E ADT has been developed to deliver increased production payloads and handles 28,000kg per load – an increase of 1,000kg over its predecessor model.  In addition, Chepstow will benefit from reduced daily operating costs, superior ride quality and uncompromised safety standards as well as the lowest fuel cost per tonne on the market, claim Bell.

Chepstow are a long-term user of [email protected], the advanced fleet management system that is incorporated into all Bell machines and are discovering just how well the E-series machines are performing.

‘Such ongoing performance data is invaluable and we’re already seeing the advantages of the B30Es, as well as helping our operators get the best out of our new ADTs,’ said Mr Corcoran.

Nick Learoyd, managing director of Bell Equipment UK, is delighted that Chepstow Plant have shown such faith in the next generation of Bell’s ADT technology.  ‘Bell and Chepstow have grown together over the past decade and, just as the E-series marks a major evolution in our own development, I am confident that the B30Es will help Chepstow to further advance their excellent credentials,’ he said.

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