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Centa Transmissions expand couplings offering

Centax-K coupling

Manufacturer to showcase new flexible couplings for diesel hydraulic pump drives 

TAKING centre stage on the Centa Transmissions stand will be a new range of flexible couplings for diesel hydraulic pump drives. Designed for diesel-driven compressors, pumps or hydraulic drives, the CENTAX-K torsionally soft coupling features a rubber element that has been vulcanized to a steel adapter plate with several steel and reinforced plastic options on the output side. 

The coupling can be plugged in axially for easy mounting and is available in three sizes, covering torques ranging between 400-800Nm. 

Another new coupling is the single-piece, torsionally stiff CENTAFLEX-KF specifically designed for use in construction plant and crushers. The unit is a stronger yet thinner lightweight flexible coupling, offering increased levels of radial compliance and short-term resilience to high temperatures (up to 120°C), thanks to the use of advanced rubber blending compounds. 

CENTAFLEX-KF consists of a lasered metal adapter plate for the flywheel connection, with a secondary flange made of moulded reinforced plastic, bonded to an extremely strong layer of vulcanized, temperature resistant rubber. 

The adapter plate is considerably thinner than that of the CENTAFLEX-KE and rather than rollers around the circumference, it is the strong rubber central core, vulcanized to the mounting plate, that gives the CF-KF its superior stiffness. This improved stiffness means that the torsional activities and resonances are moved further from running speeds.

Also on show will be Centa’s latest belt box and hydraulic pump mounting kits, including a two-piece pump mounting plate.

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