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CEMEX create dedicated waste-management subsidiary

CEMEX launch Regenera

New Regenera business to support circular economy in EMEA region

CEMEX have announced the incorporation of a new subsidiary, Regenera, a business dedicated to providing circularity solutions across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, including recovery, management, recycling, and co-processing of waste.

According to CEMEX, Regenera aim to serve a diverse client base that includes: industrial, manufacturing, and waste collection companies; NGOs; and governments. The waste-management subsidiary will provide sustainable solutions for three major waste streams – municipal/industrial, construction, demolition and excavation (CD&E), and industrial by-products.

Regenera are already working on several major projects across the EMEA region. In France, the company is operating a multiservice dock located on an industrial harbour in Paris, offering a wide range of circular economy services to the construction industry. It receives a variety of materials, including construction debris, excavated material and inert soil, which it sorts, processes, and transforms into recycled aggregates used to restore quarries.

In Egypt, Regenera have signed a three-year agreement with Very Nile (NGO) to support waste removal efforts from the Nile River. The recovered non-recyclable materials will be used to substitute fossil fuels at CEMEX’s Assiut cement plant, with other materials being recycled or upcycled.

Additional projects are also underway in CEMEX’s wider global business. In Mexico, Regenera are processing almost two million tons of waste material per year, as well as working with the government of Mexico City on its ‘Zero Waste Plan’.

CEMEX have also expanded their Regenera circularity business with a new acquisition. The company recently acquired a 51% stake in Israel-based waste-recycling company Shtang Recycle Ltd. It is anticipated that CD&E waste handled by Shtang will be used by Regenera as raw materials for aggregate production, reintegrating them into the construction value chain.

‘Growing a circular economy is a key pillar of our dedicated climate action strategy, Future in Action, as it not only reduces waste being sent to landfill, but also helps to preserve natural resources and reduce emissions,’ said Sergio Menendez, regional president for CEMEX EMEA.

‘The launch of Regenera is, therefore, the latest step in our efforts to be a net-zero CO2 company globally by 2050. We believe that CEMEX and other companies in the building materials industry can be a major contributor to a more circular society, and our role in utilizing waste and by-products is key to a greener economy.’

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