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Caterpillar unveil new long-reach excavators

Cat 352F long-reach excavator

Cat 340F and 352F machines offer ample digging and lifting capabilities at extended distances

CATERPILLAR have launched two new long-reach excavators – the 340F and 352F – that have been specifically designed for deep digging or excavating at extended distances, such as working in sand and gravel pits, shaping long slopes and cleaning settling ponds. 

The new machines – which build on the durability, reliability and performance of the company’s D-Series predecessors – are equally capable of undertaking demanding digging and lifting duties, with large buckets and heavy-duty high/wide undercarriages that provide added stability over the side. 

The excavator models both feature Cat ACERT engines – a C9.3 in the 340F and C13 in the 352F – to meet EU Stage IV emissions legislation. The machines are equipped with hydraulic systems, with ample hydraulic flow at high pressures, to accommodate the special demands placed on these units and to deliver power and maximum control for a range of excavating buckets and hydraulic work tools.

The cabs on the 340F and 352F excavators are spacious and comfortable, with accessible joystick controllers mounted in height-adjustable consoles that complement the adjustable armrests and a fully adjustable, high-back seat. Routine maintenance points are easily accessed from ground level, including greasing points, fluid taps, filters, and drain tubes

The long-reach excavators also feature Link technologies, such as the optional ProductLink system which helps fleet owners manage equipment productivity and reduce operating costs through an online VisionLink interface by tracking critical items, such as location, hours, fuel usage, diagnostic codes and idle time.

The 340F model will be available in the third quarter of 2015, while the 352F unit will be launched in the first quarter of 2016.

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