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Cappagh Group strengthen construction haulage capacity

DCRail Class 60

Cappagh Group’s rail freight operating company to take delivery of four Class 60 locomotives

DCRail, the rail freight operating company that is part of the London-based Cappagh Group of Companies, will this week take delivery of the first of four locomotives that will move construction freight off the roads of the capital.

The Class 60 locomotives will haul trains of materials to a new construction freight hub in north London. When opened in 2020, the facility near Wembley will allow aggregates and construction soils to be moved off the roads and on to rail.

With the capability to handle trains carrying more than 2,200 tonnes of material, the new hub will be one of the most efficient rail terminals in the capital.

The use of rail will allow Cappagh to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, with each train carrying the equivalent of 110 lorry loads and the CO2 emissions per tonne delivered by rail estimated to be around half that of deliveries by road.

The locomotive number 60046 has the capability to haul the heaviest trains currently running in the UK and has been modernized for Cappagh by DB Cargo (UK) Ltd at their engineering facility near Nottingham.

The locomotive carries the name William Wilberforce, which commemorates the leader of the movement to abolish the slave trade in the UK. The three remaining locomotives will be delivered by summer 2020.

Michael Ferncombe, group managing director of Cappagh, said: ‘The introduction of the Class 60 locomotives offers DCRail an exciting opportunity to strengthen and expand their service offering.

‘The investment in DCRail supports our strategy to lead the market and meet clients’ requirements for a single service provider to manage complex construction projects from start to finish.

‘The combination of using the best of road and rail will reduce pollution and congestion whilst increasing the capability of Cappagh to meet the changing needs of our customers.

‘I thank the team at DB Cargo UK who have undertaken the superb rebuilding of William Wilberforce and we look forward to receiving the three other Class 60s.’

DCRail are a freight operating company who specialize in the movement of construction materials by rail for customers in the UK. They are part of the Cappagh Group of Companies who provide a wide range of construction services and have an annual turnover of more than £100 million.

The Cappagh Group operate through their companies Cappagh Contractors, Cappagh Public Works, Express Concrete, Allen Watson and DCRail.

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