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Camozzi Automation expand UK cylinder service

Camozzi cylinder service

Series-52 rodless pneumatic cylinders included in UK-based cylinder breakdown service 

IF not resolved rapidly, a pneumatic cylinder breakdown can have a significant impact on production line productivity and, ultimately, profitability.

This issue becomes even more acute when the cylinder in question is not available off the shelf and may need to be shipped from abroad or even built from scratch, as is the case with many rodless cylinders.

Camozzi Automation are addressing this potential problem by expanding their UK-based cylinder service to include Series-52 rodless cylinders in standard and slide-bearing versions.

This service development means that replacement rodless cylinders can be supplied faster than ever before and potential production line downtime minimized as a result.

Adrian Farnham, managing director of Camozzi Automation, commented: ‘We are continually investing in our infrastructure; not only to meet customer expectations, but to surpass them. The expansion of our cylinder service is living proof of our philosophy of continuous improvement.’

Series 52 builds on all the benefits associated with rodless cylinders; being particularly suitable for long-stroke applications, as there is no bending of the piston rod, and in applications where space is at a premium.

Available in double-acting, magnetic or cushioned versions, all are available with either a standard or a short carriage, thereby catering for a wider range of applications.

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