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Boart Longyear launch new range of DTH hammers and bits

Boart Longyear BLH5 hammer

US manufacturer expands down-the-hole (DTH) drilling tool portfolio with new BLH series of hammers/bits

BOART Longyear, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated drilling services, equipment and performance tooling, have launched their new BLH series of down-the-hole hammers and bits.

Designed to increase productivity in reverse circulation (RC) drilling and conventional DTH drilling, the BLH range can be used in almost all DTH applications, including geotechnical drilling, mineral exploration, and quarrying and mining.

The BLH DTH hammer range includes: the valved BLH5 and BLH3 units; and the valve-less BLH1 models. A full line of Boart Longyear DTH bits is also available to support the new BLH hammers.

‘By introducing our new BLH DTH hammer and bit line, we are simultaneously addressing customer demand for a DTH solution to increase productivity while increasing our product offering of percussive drilling tools,’ said John Nielson, senior product manager for Boart Longyear. ‘The BLH line will deliver productivity in the ground with the quality and reliability Boart Longyear are known for.’

The BLH5 DTH hammer range delivers the lowest total drilling cost of the new line. Designed to be compact, the BLH5 hammer reduces its length by 30% and reduces its weight by 20% compared with typical DTH hammers. This unique design provides:

  • Balanced operation with minimized vibration due to the piston in the hammer having virtually the same mass as the bit.
  • Better productivity in various ground conditions from a high-frequency, low-vibration operation.
  • Elimination of problematic exhaust tubes or foot valves on bits.  
  • Resistance to breakage through the splines as it features the largest shank cross-section available by nearly 50%.

The BLH3 DTH hammer line adds a reliable and robust steel valve system to increase productivity over valve-less hammers. The valve-less BLH1 DTH hammer range is said to offer a balance between simplicity and performance, with minimal moving parts.

Boart Longyear DTH hammers range from 4in to 20in, with accessories available including lubrication systems and breakout benches. 

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