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BES 6001 ‘excellent’ rating for O.C.O Technology

Carbon-negative M-LS aggregate

Carbon-negative artificial limestone producer passes BES 6001 assessment with flying colours

O.C.O Technology, producers of carbon-negative Manufactured Limestone (M-LS), have attained a performance rating of ‘excellent’ with a four-star score after passing their BES 6001 assessment with flying colours.

The sought-after BES 6001: Issue 3.1 Framework Standard for Responsible Sourcing demonstrates the product’s sustainability credentials at a time when, given the Government’s increasing focus on sustainable development, such accreditation is becoming increasingly important.

Experts from accredited certification body Construction Products Certification (CPC) who undertook the detailed audit process, awarded O.C.O bonus points for their responsible use of resources, waste prevention and management, water abstraction, transport impact, and business ethics.

Colin Head, CPC’s chief executive, said: ‘O.C.O Technology have an innovative product which can make a considerable contribution to sustainable construction. The award of BES 6001 certification with a performance rating of ‘excellent’ is a significant achievement for the company.’

His comments were echoed by CPC senior assessor Kelvin Nutman, who added: ‘O.C.O Technology had prepared remarkably well for their BES 6001 assessment, which resulted in a positive recommendation for certification, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.’

The company’s artificial limestone is created by treating air pollution control residues (APCr) from the energy-from-waste (EfW) sector with waste carbon dioxide gas. Because more CO2 is permanently captured than is used in the manufacturing process, M-LS has been recognized as the world’s first carbon-negative aggregate.

Paul Barber, O.C.O’s general manager of operations, said: ‘This was a rigorous and very thorough process and we are delighted that the CPC team could see the huge potential that O.C.O Technology and M-LS have in making future building projects much more sustainable.

‘An increasing number of developers and construction companies are responding to the demand for more environmentally friendly products and processes, and we believe that achieving BES 6001 accreditation with an ‘excellent’ level of attainment will be another important stepping stone in underlining the benefits that a carbon-negative aggregate delivers.’

Until recently, M-LS has predominantly been used as a concrete block mix, so far going into more than 21 million blocks produced in the UK (equivalent to 8,000 three-bedroom houses), but increasing awareness within the construction sector means it is now in demand for other uses, including as a component of low-carbon asphalt mixes.

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