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Ametek Land launch Cyclops Logger App

Cyclops Logger App

New app designed to enhance usability of portable Cyclops thermometer by capturing highest-quality data

AMETEK Land, a leading specialist in non-contact temperature measurement for industries such as glass and cement, have launched a new app for Cyclops, the company’s market-leading portable thermometer.

The Cyclops Logger App has been designed to improve usability by making it easier for anyone with a smartphone or tablet to capture/share live data from the portable thermometer.

The app features a ‘route mode’ management system that ensures temperature measurements are recorded at pre-configured locations. Single or multiple routes can be uploaded on to the app, with the option to preset against a variety of parameters, including emissivity and window correction.

This provides configurable measurement routes for a plant or process, making it suitable for areas with multiple locations that require regular monitoring. Routes are configured in the Logger App software and uploaded to the Cyclops thermometer for easy viewing.

A four-digit code assigned to each temperature reading along the route allows predefined information about the material’s emissivity at every location within the production process, along with date and time, to be recorded. According to Ametek Land, this feature retains Cyclops’ reputation for providing the highest-quality data.

A spokesperson for Land Instruments, a subsidiary of Ametek Land, said: ‘Customers are looking for remote and on-the-move access to data and this is the first in a series of innovative new apps which are designed to enhance the usability of our Cyclops product family. The new app really takes non-contact temperature measurement to a whole new level, allowing users to automatically log temperature measurements on pre-defined routes.’

Once the user has taken temperature measurements, which are then automatically recorded by the Cyclops Logger App, the data can be downloaded, again using Bluetooth capability, to a desktop.

As well as improving usability, the Logger App helps improve operator safety by eliminating the manual recording of temperature at each location point. The operator simply takes a temperature reading with the ergonomically designed Cyclops device while the smartphone automatically collects data from, for example, a secure pocket within and item of clothing.

Cyclops is one of the industry’s leading high-accuracy portable non-contact thermometers. It uses high-definition, camera-quality, fully focusable lenses to ensure the smallest spot size measurements can be taken at a distance using infrared technology.

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