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AGG-PRO introduce the HL750S jaw crusher

Agg-Pro HL750S jaw crusher

New compact machine designed for ease of transport and quick setup on site

AGGREGATE Processing and Recycling (AGG-PRO), one the leading suppliers of crushing and screening equipment, have introduced the compact and aggressive HL750S jaw crusher, which can be off-loaded and fully operational in less than five minutes.

Rapid unloading and machine setup from a standard hook-lift truck allows roll-on/off skip operators to crush small quantities of material on site or reduce volume prior to removal. The compact design and small footprint of the HL750S facilitates operation in confined spaces and allows for ease of transportation using a standard hook-lift truck. The conveyor can be folded to reduce its transport dimensions.

Key features of the HL750S include:

  • Control system: Operated using electric controls, the unit can be powered either by the on-board 88kVA Cat genset, or by mains electricity if available.
  • Vibrating feeder: Featuring an integral grizzly section that allows fine material to be discharged to the optional side conveyor, the feeder can be automatically controlled via the ultrasonic level detector for optimal feeding, or by the user-operated remote control.
  • Crusher chamber: Featuring a 700mm x 500mm top opening with a minimum recommended 50mm closed-side setting, this utilizes a proven, simple, single-toggle design. The unit can crush 0–400mm rock, concrete and brick at, typically, 50–100 tonnes/h.
  • Crusher inlet chute: Matching the dimensions of the crusher opening, this integral part of the HL750S ensures no snagging points for larger items, thus reducing potential damage.
  • Optional deflector plate: This can be fitted to the crusher discharge should rebar be present, thereby preventing damage to the discharge belt and eradicating downtime.
  • Reverse rotation function: Allowing optimal processing of sticky or pliable materials.
  • Discharge conveyor: A generous 400mm clearance underneath the jaw ensures ease of transfer for crushed materials, protected with impact bars at the feed end and protective skirting to the overband magnet area. Additionally, the conveyor can be lowered to increase clearance to the optional magnet.

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