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Pioneer Pump Ltd

  • Company Profile

    Pioneer Pump Limited is a privately owned European pump company registered in the UK. The owners and staff in this and at our US sister company have many years’ experience in the pump industry. We have therefore used this experience to design and manufacture a pump range to match what the market is demanding – high performance, high efficiency, low noise, low-maintenance equipment.

    We are one of the fastest growing pump companies in Europe with distribution in most European countries and a growing network in Africa and the Middle East.

    In 2010, we opened our third global factory in South Africa (Wadeville, Johannesburg). With more than 800m² of space, the factory stocks more than 50 pumps at a time, including trailer sets, standard centrifugal and self-priming pumps with diesel engines and impellers ranging from 8 inches to 21 inches.


    We have more than 1,000 models of pumps for applications in the construction, industrial, mining and municipal markets.

    PP Series

    The award winning PP- Pioneer Prime series vacuum assisted self-priming pump is at the very foundation on which our company is built. With over 3,000 units sold in its first four years, it is fast becoming the global industry standard.

    Available in sizes from 50mm through to 450mm Pioneer Pump manufactures some 260 models of the Pioneer Prime in various materials of construction and mounting configurations.

    These pumps – which include our industry-leading Pioneer sound attenuated diesel driven pump sets - are available for fixed or portable applications.

    Materials of construction include standard ductile iron casings and impellers with options of 316 Stainless Steel (DIN X5CrNiMo 17 13 3), CD4MCu, CA6NM (DIN (G-X5CrNi13 4).

    The performance of the Pioneer Prime pump range is second to none. With flows up to 4,000 m3/hr (1100 l/sec), heads up to 200m and solids handlig up to 95mm, the Pioneer range of self-priming vacuum-assisted pumps offers the very widest choice of pumps for all your applications. They provide low running costs, ease of maintenance and unrivalled ability to get the job done.

    SC Series

    The same technology and component inter changeability is carried through to this range of Standard Centrifugal pumps. Again solids handling and clear liquid high head versions are available, complete with the option for infinite dry run capability.

    P Series

    Pioneer Pump builds high performance pumps at competitive prices. The P series self-priming pump is no exception and is, in fact, one of the foundations on which our company is built. Since its launch, the P series has become one of the most popular self-priming pumps available today.

    Available in five sizes from DN 75mm through to DN 250mm, Pioneer Pump offers more than 200 models and variations of the P series self-priming pump for mounting with a diesel engine or an electric motor.

    Materials of construction include high grade ductile iron as standard, 316 Stainless Steel (DIN X5CrNiMo 17 13 3), and CD4-MC. Users may choose to have the whole pump in one material, or may individually specify the materials of construction for the volute, impeller, wear plate and seal plate.

    With flows of up to 760 m3/hr (210 l/sec) and heads of up to 55m, the Pioneer range of self-priming pumps offers the very widest choice of pumps.


    One of the keys to success is the strength and durability of the pump. Pioneer Pump is one of the few companies to offer 2 year warranties on their pumping equipment. Heavy duty designs and the use of outstanding materials of construction give the user extremely high levels of service and reliability.

    Please be kind enough to review our website at which has examples of all our products including details of recent projects we have completed.

    Should you have any questions concerning our products I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and go through our products at your convenience.

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